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Humanistic Care

Jinfly always adhering to the "open, accepted, inclusive, innovative" values, adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, and actively explore the staff structure of young, independent, knowledge brought about by the challenges. The company will "enterprises and employees grow together, the results of the development of common efforts" as a business sustainable business belief, at the same time, to encourage talent, from management, production, research and development, sales of each process to create youth, vitality, relaxed, free working atmosphere , Through nearly three years of efforts, crystal seal to create a group of professional, focused, attentive, enterprising talent team, the future team on the basis of talent will seek new breakthroughs to complete higher and farther mission.

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The Global Field Of Vision Look To The Future

In March 2013, Shenzhen Jinfly Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was established, which is close to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. We have the latest information in the field of integrated circuits, focusing on BGA, TSOP, UDP, MicroSD, LGA and other NAND Flash memory products. To provide users with high quality and efficient storage solutions.