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Product Information

JINFLY Factory 4 in 1 OTG USB Flash Drive

Apple, Android, type-c, USB four kinds of interface switch at will, cell phone computer can be used, easy to achieve data backup sharing. Hardcore quality, high speed and stability.

JINFLY Factory Wholesale NVME

It is available in two port options with more access channels, supports 128GB~1TB capacity range, and supports up to R=2000MB/s, W=1600MB/s. With multiple size options, it is the first choice for ultra-thin electronics in pursuit of high performance and high capacity storage needs.

JINFLY Factory Wholesale UDP Chip

Stable storage and smoother performance. With the original solution design team, we can specifically match compatibility with customer devices, perfectly matching more than 99% of storage class devices.

JINFLY Factory Wholesale Micro SD Card

Maximize the performance of your camera or camcorder with the Jinfly micro SD Class 10 UHS-I Card. It can be compatible with most monitoring with MircroSD card slots on the market, while retaining the excellentread and transfer speed and stable performance of thememory card. Save time moving content from your card to your PC or other device with fast transfer speeds, and Class 10 supports Full HD (1080p) video capture.

JINFLY Factory USB Flash Drive

Support computers, smart TVs, car stereos and players easily enjoy the freedom and portability of mobile storage. Metal material, not only has the texture, and strong and resistant to fall to resist damage from accidents, but also waterproof.

JINFLY Factory Wholesale SD Card

Jinfly SD card is compatible with SDHC/SDXC and SDHC-1/SDXC-IUHS-1 camera devices. The high quality chip allows the memory card to easily support RAW format photo taking, giving you more space to process photos later, and the SD card is impact resistant, high temperature resistant, waterproof and X-ray resistant.

JINFLY Factory Wholesale SSD

SATA3.0 interface is the third generation of SATA interfaces operating at 6.0Gb/s. Faster reading and writing speed. Compared with mechanical hard disks,increase the loadingspeed by 200%.Fully meet the needs of users for design, games.programming,video editing,office and other needs.

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The Global Field Of Vision Look To The Future

In March 2013, Shenzhen Jinfly Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was established, which is close to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. We have the latest information in the field of integrated circuits, focusing on BGA, TSOP, UDP, MicroSD, LGA and other NAND Flash memory products. To provide users with high quality and efficient storage solutions.