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Enterprise Culture

1、Corporate mission: to continue to strive for the strength of China's semiconductor industry
2、Corporate vision: to integrate corporate goals with personal values, to make the enterprise a model in the industry, and to achieve common prosperity with the strugglers.
3、Corporate values: integrity, innovation, passion, win-win
(1) Integrity: operate in the hearts of people and keep our word; stick to the bottom line and only take the right kind of money;
(2) Innovation: be brave to breakthrough, not afraid of failure; insist on improvement, make a little progress every day;
(3) Passion: compete with yourself, the more frustrated, the braver; energetic, ignite the team;
(4) Win-win: travel fast alone, travel far; think differently, maintain the interests of all parties with an open and tolerant mind; create value, achieve mutual benefit and win-win for society, enterprises, employees and cooperative parties.
4、Management philosophy: people-oriented, quality leading, customer first, create value
5、Talent concept: integrity, innovation, openness and tolerance, rigorous and meticulous

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The Global Field Of Vision Look To The Future

In March 2013, Shenzhen Jinfly Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was established, which is close to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. We have the latest information in the field of integrated circuits, focusing on BGA, TSOP, UDP, MicroSD, LGA and other NAND Flash memory products. To provide users with high quality and efficient storage solutions.